A Baker and a Token Story

For those who don’t know me, I love bread. In fact, I have to get bread everyday. I can’t survive without it. That’s why I’m very close to my baker. Mr B is my baker. His bakery is at the corner of my street. I’ve been buying from him for 2 years now ever since I moved to Abidjan in […]

If I were CEO of a bank…

Bill Gates said Banking is necessary, banks are not! I partially agree with that statement. I believe that banks are still relevant just not in the way they operate today and I’ll explain why by placing myself in the shoes of a bank‘s CEO. Let’s call my bank KANDAS BANK (KB); doesn’t that sound cool? As the CEO of KB, […]

few trends in the payment industry

Security and Authentication: Indeed the key topic as the world is becoming more and more connected, the fraud and cybercrime are also growing fast and becoming very sophisticated. Payment Industry actors like Visa have created secure ways to store sensitive data and authenticate transactions in order to make very complicated for fraudsters to succeed and efficiently protect consumers, merchants, payment […]